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Writing Related Links:

Speech Tags - My own collection of some interesting speech tags I've found in other writer's works.
Knockdown Knits - My daughter's first knitting book - 30 knitting projects from the roller derby
Knits for Nerds - My daughter's second knitting book
Geek Knits - My daughter's third knitting book, published in 2015 and eligible for nominating in the "Related Works" category for the Hugo.

Fencing Related Links:
Ask Fred - for tournament information
US Fencing - For national and international fencing information.


Knee Injury Log - My personal record of recovering from meniscus problems
Costuming at Lone Star Con - The single time I made a costume for a SF World Convention
Cat Tales - We've been "owned" by several felines. Here is a listing of some of them.
When I die -
Dunn Quotes - Every once in a while, I like to save a quote.
Kitchen Upgrade - This is my kitchen upgrade.
Bathroom Upgrade - This is my "log file" of the "in process" bathroom upgrades.

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