Thursday, July 20, 2000

Day Forty
I fell asleep early and then woke at 0200 hours. Couldn't get back to sleep. Clarion is ending and I feel much like it's the final quarter with only a minute left in the game and little chance of the game's outcome changing. Usually, I slip out at this point so I can beat the rush out of the parking lot. I'm fighting a strong desire to slack off on critiques.

No new stories. Lots of revision. I still haven't a clue how to revise.

One of the stories to critique really hit all my hot buttons. I decided that my one was someone else's zero [thinking in computer terms because one is true] and the next thing I knew I had a perfect title in search of a story: ONE IS FALSE; NOTHING IS TRUE Alas, the story I've written in the last 5 hours (2,500 words and about three paragraphs from the end of the first draft) is not worthy of the title. I'm turning it in anyway and I'll revise when I get home. I've done nineteen stories while here. Might as well make it an even twenty.

If all works out well, I'll be meeting with Maureen briefly today to go over my revision in an effort to get me back on track. The story is a much richer and better story of a family falling apart, and then the dad dying, and the daughter gathering the strength to leave an abusive husband. Originally, it was a skiffy story. Something went right and wrong.

Thus far, we've had 126 stories written among 19 people. That's a large number of stories written in six weeks.


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