ANDREW "MASTER"1 WALSH was born 1762 in Ireland, and died 1830 in Wilkes Co., NC. He married RHODA POTEAT (born C1762 in Virginia, died 1850 in Wilkes Co., NC). Andrew Walsh was a teacher, being one of the few individuals who could read and write at this time. He moved his family around Wilkes County, among the many townships, living in homes of people who hired him to educate their children.
He and his wife had the following children

  1. Unknown daughter Walsh born c1784 Wilkes Co., NC, date of death unknown.
  2. Phillip Walsh born c1786 Wilkes Co., NC m. Elizabeth Hall 12 Oct 1810, died c1887
  3. Andrew Walsh Jr. b. c1788 Wilkes Co., NC m. Frances Hall 31 Dec 1814 d. 1870
  4. Margaret 'Peggy' Walsh b. c1790 Wilkes Co., NC m. William Ray 14 Jun 1822 death unknown.
  5. Unknown daughter Walsh b. c1799 Wilkes Co., NC
  6. Samuel Walsh born c1795 Wilkes Co., NC, m. Mary R. Proffitt 06 Jan 1823 d. 18 May 1888.
  7. Elizabeth 'Betsy' Walsh b. c1797 Wilkes Co., NC
  8. Thomas Walsh b. c1798 Wilkes Co., NC m. Elizabeth Proffitt 23 Sep 1824, date of death unknown
  9. McAlpen Walsh b. c1800 Wilkes Co., NC m. Rebecca Proffitt 30 May 1829 date of death unknown
  10. Mary Ann 'Polly' Walsh b. 1805 Wilkes Co., NC m. William Proffitt Jr. 04 Feb 1829, d. 1880
  11. Rachel Walsh b. 1803c Wilkes Co., NC married Abner Tribble, date of marriage and death unknown.
  12. MCALPIN2 WALSH, b. 1801, Wilkes Co., NC. m. Rebecca Profitt 30 May 1829

ANDREW WALSH, b. 1788; m. (1) FRANCES HALL; m. (2) MARY ANN

Andrew and Mary Ann had no children. Andrew Walsh and Frances Hall had the following children:
  1. Elburton Kelly Walsh b. Octoberr 31, 1815 in Wilkes County, Elk Creek, d. March 27. 1901 buried in the Beaver Crrek Advent Christian Church Cemetery in Wilkes County, Ferguson, NC. He married Elmira Cox, bca1816 nd she dies November 12, 1900. She is buried at the Beaver Creek Advent Christian Church Cemetery.
They had the following children:
  1. Julia b. ca1838 m. Lindsey Bishop
  2. Mary Jane b. ca1841 m. George Washington Marley
  3. Martha Mary b. 1844 m. Vincent H. Hendrix
  4. John W. bca 1846 died young
  5. William b. 1849 died young
  6. Andrew Washington b. Feb 2, 1851 married Buna V. Eller
  7. Thomas Burton b. 1854 married Millies L. Hendrix
  8. Robert Calvin b. March 3, 1857 married Mary Caroline Eller
  9. James Brown b. June 20, 1858 married Mattie Triplett

Land Deed:

The Irish family name "Walsh" is reported to be of Welsh origin anbd to have been established in Ireland since the days of "Strongbow's" invadsion in the twelvth century. Its literal meaning is the "Welshman".

Through hard work and wisdom, Elburton acquired a large farm on Beaver Creek where they lived in a fine dwelling overlooking Beaver Creek. They were faithful Charter members of the Beaver Creek Advent Christian Church, established in 1879. Elburton was active in community affairs being a large landowner, merchant, Justice of Peace, bondsman, census taker (1860).

The E. K. Walsh home was built just before the War Between the States. John T. Hendrix built a log home and rented or sold it to Lenzy Hendrix. The home is located off Elk Creek Road about 300 yards up a spring tail hollar.

Will of Elburton Kelly Walsh: Wilkes County, North Carolina

Being of sound mind and disposing memory and being mindful of the certainty of death and the uncertainity of life do make and ordain this my last will and testament in the manner and term following to Wit:

First: I desire that all my just debts be paid if I should be owing any at the time of my death after that I give to my wife, Elmira Walsh all my effects both Real and person during the term of her natural life and widowhood. My desire and will is that my wife shall not give to one of her children more than any other unless it be just compensation of services rendered.

After the death of myself and my wife my will is that all my property and effects of all kinds shall be equally divided between my lawful heirs.

To Wit: Juliet M. Walsh, Mary Jane Marley, Andrew W. Walsh, Thomas B. Walsh, Robert C. Walsh, James B. Walsh, and my daughter Martha M. Hendrix six children shall have such part of my effects as she should have been entitled to if she had been living at the time of my death. And if I had died without a will after deducting one hundred and seventy fivve dollars that I have loaned to their mother while living and charged in a small memorandum book. I have advanced to my daughter Mary Jane Marley two hundred and ninety dollars and James B. Walsh twenty-five dollars and to Robert C. Walsh seventy dollars. All those advancements is charged in the little book mentioned above.

I will is that all advancements heretofore made to my heirs ot thereafter may be made shall be accounted for equal justice to them.

My will is that after the death of myself and wife that our children shall divide my effects amongst them after each one giving an account of what they have already had. If they are all will to do so and can agree if they do not agree then sell the property collect the debts and divide it amongst them as stated above in Testamoniny whereof I have this day set my hand and seal January 24 1883.

E. K. Walsh (Seal)


John A. Foster

Thomas L. Barlow

Whereas I E. K. Walsh of the county of Wilkes and State of North Carollina have made my last will and Testament in writing being dated January 24, 1883 and have willed my entire estate to my wife, Elmira Walsh during her natural life then to be equally divided between each of my lawful heirs.

Now I do by this writing which I decalre a codicle to my will and to be take as a part thereof five and devise to the heirs of my deceased daughter Martha M. Hendrix's six children one third of all my household and kitchen furniture and the remaining two thirds to be divided equally between my other two daughters Juliet M. Bishop and Mary J. Marley and their heirs in addition to what I have already given them as their part of my estate. The rest and residue of my estate both real and personal that is left afer myself and wife I give and devise to my four sons to sit: J. B. Walsh W.W. Walsh T. B. Walsh and R. C. Walsh to be equally divided between them or their heirs and I hereby appoint my son Thomas B. Walsh my Executor of this my last Will and Testament. In Testimony where of here I set my hand and seal the 7th day of February 1893

E. K. Walsh (Seal)