Genealogy information is linked here for the following surnames
  • Dunn. My husband is a Dunn, a surname with Irish origins.
  • Wilkes County Directory: An interesting listing from 1883 which includes some family names.

  • Mt. Zion Church Records 1849-1896. A local church to which several ancestors belonged
  • Beaver Creek Church History This is a letter found among my Mother's records that provides some information on the history of the Beaver Creek Advent Christian Church.
  • Eden Flyers - Carl W. Basey was on the 1937 County Championship team. This document contains the multi-year history of the Eden Flyers from the early twenties through 1955.
  • I hope this information will be of use and/or interest to others. If you have information to share, I would be happy to update my records.

    In addition to the information above, I have a web page that points to various pictures of ancestors, tombstones, and documents. Click here to view a listing of items available for viewing.