John Carter, Jr.

Son of John Carter, Sr.

Grandson of Robert Carter,

Great-grandson of Edward Carter

John Carter, Jr., the son of John and Isabel (Atkinson) Carter, was born in Aston Township, Chester County, about the year 1720. he remained single somewhat later than was usual in colonial times. It was not until 3rd Mo. 25 1749, that he married in Chester Friends Meeting to Barbara Routh.

Seven children were tentatively identified for John and Barbara (Routh) Carter.

  1. Isaac Carter, b. about 1750 in Chester County, Pennsylvania, d. 13 Apr 1802 near Yadkinville, NC. He married Mary Bray, daughter of Edward Bray and Sarah Mayner.
  2. Joseph Carter, born ca. 1751, probably died young
  3. John Carter, born ca. 1752, probably died young
  4. Samuel Carter, born ca. 1753, probably died young
  5. Hannah Carter, born ca. 1756, probably died young
  6. Edward Carter, born ca. 1757, probably died young
  7. Lydia Carter, born ca. 1758, probably died young.

[Note: Some Carter historians say that John and Barbara had only Isaac and Lydia and perhaps Joseph.]

Like John, Barbara Routh came from an old Quaker family. Her father, Francis Routh, was the son of Lawrence and Alice (Metcalf) Routh, Quakers who came from Yorkshire to Pennsylvania in 1688, after a brief sojourn in Talbot County, Maryland. Her mother, Barbara (Howell) Martin Routh, ws the daughter of John and Mary (Williamson) Howell, Quakers who had come from Cheshire in England to Chester County in the 1680s and had settled in marple township. Barbara (Howell) Routh had first married Walter Martin, a prominent resident of Chester. The records of Chester Monthly meeting of Friends show that John and Barbara (Routh) Carter were married in the traditional Quaker fashion. Here is their marriage certificate:

Marriage Certificate of John Carter, Jr., and Barbara Routh, from Chester Monthly Meeting Look of Marriages, 1717-1828, transcript (Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia)

Whereas John Carter son of John Carter and Isabell his wife of Aston in the county of Chester and province of Pennsylvania and Barbara Ruth daughter of Francis Routh of Chichester and Barbara his wife decesased in the county and provinde aforesaid have declared their intention of marriage with each other before several monthly meetings of the people of God called Quakers in the County aforesaid according to the good order used among them; where proceedings herein after a deliberate consideration thereof, and having the consent of parents and relations concerning nothing appearing to obstruct were approved of by the said meetings.

Now these are to certify to all concerned that for the ful accomplishing of their intentions this twenty fifth day of the third month of the year of our Lord 1749 they the said John Carter and Barbara Ruth appeared in a public meeting of the said people at Chester and the said John Carter taking Barbara Ruth by the hand did in a solemn manner openly declare that he took her to be his wife promising with God's assistance to be unto her a loving and faithful husband until death separate them, and then and there in the assembly the said Barbara Ruth did in like manner declare that she took the said John Carter to be her husband promising with God's assistance to be a faithful and loving wife -- till death separate them.

And the said John Carter and Barbara Ruth she in accordance to the custom of marriage and assuming the name of her husband as a further confirmation thereof did then and there to these presents set their hands. And we whose names are hereunder subscribed being among others present at the solemnizatin of the said marriage and subscription in the manner of aforesaid as witnesses thereunto have also in these presents set our hands the day and year above written.

John Carter
Barbara Carter

David Johnson, Jacob Greist, Catherine Frankenwisher, Ann Mulkehooney, Hannah Greist, Jacob Howell, Thomas Dell, Caleb Cowpland, Aggness Gilkinson, Robert Carter, Edward Carter, Grace Floyd, Sarah Cowpland, John Sharples, Isaac Weaver, Hannah Carter, Thomas Cummings, Richard WEbb, Samuel Carter, Thomas Ramsey, Robert Squibb, Robert Squibb, Jr., Edward Carter, Rees Peters, Elizabeth Sharples, Sarah Sharples, Sarah Weldon, Sarah Howell, Eleanor Peters, Hannah Harrison, Prudence Richards, John Carter, Isabell Carter, Francis Routh, Jr., Francis Routh, John Routh, Kingman Dutton, Joseph Hokins, William Pearson, Ann Dutton, Jacob Routh, Rachel Routh, John Gilkeson, Mary Greist, Ann Johnson.

After their marriage, John and Barbara apparently made their home in Ashton Township in Chester county. It was here that in the 1750s some kind of disaster seems to have befallen them and their family. Whether it was disease or fire or some other tragedy is now unknown, but it seems apparent that they and most of their children died before 1760. In fact, only their son Isaac is known to have lived after 1760.

The following was found in public records: