John Carter, of Aston, son of Robert and Lydia, and grandson or Edward, appears to have been a blacksmith. He married Isabell Atkinson (born 1697 in Scotford, Lancashire, England) at Falls Meeting, Bucks County, 3 mo. 1716. Isabell Carter presented her certificate from Middletown, Bucks county, to Chester Monthly Meeting, 30, 10 mo., 1717. John Carter died, June 1760. From Friends' records, wills, etc., John and Isabell Carter had the following children:


  1. Isaiah Carter b. State of Pennsylvania (Probable); d. Bef 1770, State of Pennsylvania (Probable).
  2. John Carter Jr. b. abt. 1717, Delaware Co., PA, d. Abt. 1760, State of North Carolina (Probable), m. Barbara Routh or Routh.
  3. Margaret Carter b. Abt. 1721, Delaware co., PA d. Bef. 1770, State of Pennsylvania (Probable).
  4. Edward Carter b. Abt. 1725, Delaware Co., PA, d. Aft 1765, State of Pennsylvania (Probable).
  5. Robert Carter b. Abt. 1729, Delaware Co., PA; d. Aft. 1765, State of Pennsylvania (Probable); m. Susanna (Evans) Sorrell, 1753.
  6. Samuel Carter b. 26 December 1733, Ashton TWP, Chester Co., PA; d. 06 September 1804, Chatman Co, NC
  7. Joseph Carter b. Abt. 1737, Delaware Co., PA; d. 1765, State of Pennsylvania (Probable).
  8. Hannah Carter b. 1738, Delaware Co., PA; d. Aft. 1765, State of Pennsylvania (Probable); m. Samuel Farrow or Farra, Aft. 1765.
  9. Nathaniel Carter, b. 1742, State of Pennsylvania (Probable); d. 1760, State of Pennsylvania (Probable).

Notes for Isabel Atkinson:
Co-heiress with her sister Margaret, to her father's estate. Accompanied her parents on the voyage to PA, and on arriving there lived with her widowed mother at "Bellemont" and in Newton, Bucks Co., PA until after her marriage.

Isabel had a certificate from Middletown MM which she presented to Chester MM, 10 mo. 30, 1717.

Marty Grant has Isabel born Swarthmore, Chester Co., PA, 1695. Our records show 1697 in Scotsford, Lancashire, England and died in 1750 in Delaware Co., Pennsylvania. Her parents were Christopher Atkinson and Margaret Fell. Christopher Atkinson b. 31 Mar 1656 in Scotford, Lancashire, England married Margaret Fell 8 Aug 1679 in Height, Cartmell, L, Englan. Margaret Fell was born 19 Sep 1664 in Updale, Cumberland, England. Christopher died 1699 in the Atlantic Ocean (1699). Died aboard ship "Britannia" while cross Atlantic Ocean). His father was William Atkinson, b. 1624 in Scotforth and his mother was Ann Holmes, b. 1626.

Additional notes courtesy of Irene Basey:

Isabell Atkinson was the granddaughter of William and Ann Atkinson and Christopher and Isabel
Fell, all of whom had become identified with Quakerism in Lancashire in the early period of movement. Both families lived near the ancient estate of Swarthmore, the home of Margaret Fell, one of the most important of the early English Quakers and later the wife of George Fox. Whether our Fells were related to this family is uncertain, but we do know tht in 1660 William Atkinson was arrested for attending an illegal Quaker meeting in Swarthmore Hall and was imprisoned for a time in Lancster Castle. Isabel Atkinson Carter's parents, Christopher and Margaret (Fell) Atkinson, were married 8th Mo. 8, 1679, in a Friends meeting in Lancashire. The remained in Scotford for twenty years, when in April 1699 they received a certificate transferring their membership for Friends in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, they sailed from Liverpool on the Brittannia, which turned out to be a plague ship. Over a fifth of the ship's company died on the voyage, among them Christopher Atkinson. In July 1699 he made his will and was buried at sea soon afterwards.

More tragedy followed when Margaret Atkinson and her family landed in Philadelphia. One daughter died soon after the ship docked, while her sole surviving son and one of the family servants drowned a month later. In October 1699 Margaret took her two surviving daughter, all that were left to her of seven children (three had died in England) and moved to a tract of one thousand acres that Christopher Atkinson had purchased of William Penn before he left England. The land was a farm called Belmont in Bensalem Township, Bucks County.

Margaret did not long remain single. In 1703 she married a neighboring widow, Thomas Stackhouse, Sr. In fact Thomas and Margaret had scandalized the Friends of Middletown Monthly Meeting, of which they were members, by living in the same house as early as 1701. When Thomas died five years later, Margaret then married another widower, John Frost of Newtown, Bucks County. It was as his wife that she died in March 1715. There is reason to think that after her mother's death Isabel continued to make her home with her stepfather. When he died soon after her marriage to John Carter, John Frost left her a substantial legacy, including the remaining years owed him by his indentured servant, John Jones.

Of John and Isabel (Atkinson) Carter's married life we know but little. It apparently passed uneventfully in Aston Township, Chester County, where John farmed on land given him by his father and pursued his trade of blacksmith. Isabel apparently died in the 1750s. John Carter lived utnil June 1760. He made his will on June 19, leaving his son Samuel, his Big Bible, his son Joseph a mare and cow, and his grandson Isaac and son Edward the rest of his property. The will was probated twelve days later on July 1.

Under Constables appointed by year, we find the following records for John:
1727 John Parry, Saml. Hollingsworth, David Lloyd (speaker), Thomas Chandler, John Carter, Danl. Williamson (d. 1727 and Philip Taylor was his successor), Simon Meredith, wm. Webb
1728 Tho. Chandler, David Lloyd (speaker), Saml. Hollingsworth, John Perry, Wm. Webb,
1728 Tho. Chandler, David Lloyd (speaker), Saml. Hollingsworth, John Perry, Wm. Webb,
Philip Taylor, John Carter, Henry Hayes

The will of John Carter was written in Aston TWP, Chester Co., PA and signed on the 19th day of June in 1760.

The last will and testament of John Carter blacksmith of the Township of Aston the Nineteenth day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred and Sixty being sick and weake of Body but of Perfect mind and memory and Calling to mind the Mortality of my Body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to Daey do make and ordain this my last will and Testament that is to say Principally and first of all I Give and recommend my soule to God that gave it and as for my Bodey I Recommend it to ye Earth to Bee Buried in a Decent manner at the Descretion of my Exetor and as Trusting Such worthy Extor wherewith it hath Pleased God to bless me with in Life I Give Devise Dispose of the same withal in following manner and form

First I order that my son Joseph have one of my mares and one of my Cows and Great Cot Secondly the same to my son Samuel Thirdly my bige Bible Brass ketall Little Pot and frithing Pan to my daughter Hanna and fourthly the book of Marters to my son Isaiah and as to the rest of my Estate Reall or Personable I order it be sold and all my Just Debts paid by my Excuter and w/t Remains over paying all my Just Debts I order to bee Equaly Devided between my son Edward and Granson Isack and I also ordain my son Joseph Exetur of this my last will and Testament this day and year above written in Witness hearof I have hearunto set my hand and seal.

John Carter (seal of)

In presence of (Brass Ketall Little Pot and frithing Pan Enterlined Before signing) Hugh Linn Jacob Richards Elizabeth Aikins.

Chester July 1st 1760 Then Personally Appeared Hugh Linn and Jacob Richards and under Oath on the Holy Evangelistic of Almighty God that they were personally Present and did see and hear John Carter the Testator above Named Sign Seal Publish Pronounce and declare the above writing to be his last will and Testament and that at the doing thereof he was of Sound and well desposing mind and memory to the best of thier understanding and also that their names thereunto subscribed as Witnesses were of their own proper Handwriting Respectively.

Sworn before Henry H. Graham D Reg.

Be it remembered that on the first day of July Anno Dom 1760 the last will and Testament of John Carter deceased was proved in the due form of law and letters Testamentary were granted Joseph Carter Sole Executor therein named who was Solomly Affirmed well and freely to Administer and bring in and Inventory of all deceased'd Estate Into the Registers Office of Chester on or before the First day of August next and to Render a true and Just Account of his Administration in a year or when Legally Required.

Given under the Seal of said office

Per Henry H. Graham D. Reg.