Joseph Carter, son of Isaac Carter, grandson son of Joh, Jr., ggrandson of John Sr., gggrandson of Robert, and ggggrandson of Edward Carter

Joshua Carter was the first born child of Isaac Carter and Mary (Bray) Carter and was born ca 1775 in Chatham Co., NC and died 1841, Surry Co., NC. He married Margaret Hinshaw (1774-?). According to the will of Joseph Carter - dated 15 November 1832, they were the parents of seven children:

  1. Thomas Carter (1796-1842) born January 1796 in Surry Co., NC died (place unknown) and was married February 6, 1821 to Marium Cartright
  2. Joshua (Joseph) Carter (1797-8 May 1851) m. Sarah Penrite (1801-22 Dec 1881). Joshua Carter was born ca 1797 in Surry Co., NC and died May 8, 1851 in Surry Co., NC. He was married March 29, 1821 to Sarah Pinright.
  3. Mary Carter (21 Oct 1800-3 Aug 1882) . Mary was born October 21, 1800 in Surry County, NC and died August 3, 1832 (place unknown).
  4. Hannah Carter (-1 Jun 1823). Hannah was born in Surry County, NC and died June 27, 1887. She was married to John Hinshaw June 1, 1823.
  5. Jane Carter (9 Nove 1805-14 Mar 8107). Jane was born November 9, 1805 in Surry Co., NC and died Marcy 14, 1871 in Yadkin Co., IN. She was married April 19, 1825 to Jacob Dobbins born June 8, 1795.
  6. Sarah Carter (-1823). Sarah was married to Joel Dobbins on March 11, 1839.
  7. Elizabeth Carter (-After 1823) in Surry Co., NC and ws married to Pleasant Dobbins on August 14, 1837.

Source: Joyce Reece Braswell, Sanna Gaffney, Surry County Court Records

Compiled by Irene H. Basey, November 27, 1989

Placed online by Linda J. Dunn 2004.

Copy of a page from the Carter Family Bible for this timeframe has been found and placed online here.