William Thomas Carter, son of Isaac Carter, grandson of Joshua (Joseph) Carter, ggrandson of Joseph Carter, gggrandson of Isaac Carter, ggggrandson son of John, Jr., gggggrandson of John Sr., ggggggrandson of Robert, and gggggggrandson of Edward Carter

William Thomas Carter (15 Jun 1858-25 Dec 1930). Born in Murphy, NC, married Margaret B. Greenwood (2 Apr 1873-1 Jul 1902). They had the following children:
Carrie Lee Carter (18 Feb 1897-2 Feb 1992) m. John Philo Hendrix (13 Jul 1891-4 Oct 1938)
James Hendrix
Myrtle Iowa Carter (23 Aug 1900-) m. Luther thomas Matheson Sr. (25 Jul 1896-)
Mamie Carter (8 Aug 1894-2 Dec 1957) m. Leonard Arvil Hendrix (22 Jan 1894-21 Apr 1949)
Fred Carter

Records related to this family include:

William Thomas Carter owned a store near his home in the Carter Cove area. One of his daughters had a child out of wedlock and when the child's father came to the house to see the baby, William Thomas refused to allow the visit. The man left and returned with a gun. He shot and killed William Thomas.

Margaret Greenwood is our ancestress, but William Thomas was married to another woman prior to his marriage to Margaret. He had a family with is first wife, who died. William knew the Greenwood family over in Macon County, NC, so he went there and married Margaret Betty Greenwood. She was 16-17 years old at the time of their marriage. Years later, she died of typoid along with some of the other children, when Carrie Carter was 3-4 years old. William Thomas then married a woman whose first name was Julia and had more children. Our ancestor, Carrie Carter, lived with her half-sister, Lily Carter Price, most of her life, and didn't have a close relationship with anyone. When Carrie was about 17-18, her Aunt Lily said she would take her to meet John Philo Hendrix. She did, and they were married.

Very little is known about the cousins, except Wilburn, who was a Baptist minister, and Aunt Myrtle and her family. John Philo used to take the family back to NC and they visited James and had a family gathering. There are other relatives here, in Indiana, but the family has not been close. Lillian, the grand-daughter of Lily (who raised Carrie Carter) was a good friend of Irene Basey.

Information received from Irene Basey and placed online by her daughter, Linda Dunn.